What our clients say

  • "I was delighted with the advice and service I received from Matthew and would definitely recommend"
    Angela Mitchell (life insurance and pension advice)
  • "Matt was very helpful and efficient in helping me with my defined benefit pension transfers. I have recommended him to friends, there can be no better endorsement"
    Alan Porter
  • "That's a very comprehensive and quick response and for free, so thank you. It's given me food for thought. You are the first advisor who's been objective"
    Anon (DB pension transfer client)
  • "Matt Harris readily understood my financial situation and requirements when he set up an excellent portfolio for me a few years ago. He has continued to provide sound advice whenever I have needed it since then, which I find very reassuring and greatly appreciate."
    Pamela Rae, London (investment portfolio advice)
  • "Very efficient service provided - pensions advice and pension transfer. Highly recommended."
    Alastair Grant, Edinburgh

Welcome to Harris Independent Financial Advice

Welcome to the site. My name is Matthew Harris and I am a Chartered Financial Planner and independent financial adviser (IFA).

I live in Boston Spa, Yorkshire, and advise clients both locally and across the UK on pension planning, investing, mortgages, life insurance and many other areas of personal finance.

Both I and my company are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Before becoming an IFA I worked as an investment manager for around twenty years, for companies such as Scottish Widows and Standard Life Asset Management. During that time I was responsible for investing up to £1.5bn of client money in the UK, Japanese and Emerging Market stockmarkets. I retired from that industry in 2014 in order to offer investment and financial advice directly to clients, using the experience gained during my career as a professional investor.

I hold advanced qualifications in investment management, pensions and financial advice from industry bodies such as the IIMR and Chartered Insurance Institute.

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