Final salary pension transfers


Based in Boston Spa, Yorkshire, we offer final salary (defined benefit) pension transfer advice to clients across the UK, with no face-to-face meeting required. We do not charge a fee if we do not recommend a transfer.

We pride ourselves in giving an objective, unbiased assesment of whether a transfer in your interests, and frequently recommend that clients do not transfer out of their pensions. Where we do recommend a transfer we first ensure that clients are fully aware of all the potential risks and disadvantages involved.

Our DB transfer advice charge

If we recommend that you transfer our of your defined benefit pension then our full transfer advice fee, deducted from the transfer value as it moves to the new personal pension, is £4,950.

This covers the work involved in the transfer as well as the very significant compliance, regulatory and liability costs involved in advising on defined benefit transfers.

Please note that the above fees apply to a transfer into an "income drawdown" pension. Additional fees apply for the purchase of a lifetime annuity - please ask for details.

Ongoing charges

We will provide expert advice on how to invest your transfer value, in order to meet your financial goals while taking an appropriate level of risk.

If you choose our ongoing advice service then the total annual cost of your new pension, including the provider charge, fund management charges, and our ongoing advice charge, will typically be between 0.5% and 1% of assets per year, which is highly competitive by industry standards.

If you want to transfer a defined benefit pension in order to self-manage it, for example with a provider like Hargreaves Lansdown or AJ Bell, this is possible in certain circumstances. Please contact us to discuss this.

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