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How can Harris Independent Financial Advice help?

Based in Boston Spa, we offer advice on wealth management to clients across the UK. For most clients we recommends a portfolio of investment funds, which is part of our standard pension and investment services. However, where a portfolio is particularly large, or there are significant existing direct holdings of company shares, we may recommend the services of an external wealth manager for some of your money. The benefits to you of this approach can include the following:

  • Your money will be spread across more than one manager, diversifying your risk exposure
  • You may prefer to hold direct equities in your portfolio for personal reasons
  • Capital gains tax liabilities on an existing portfolio of shares can be carefully managed

Why choose Harris Independent Financial Advice?

Matthew Harris accumulated more than nineteen years' experience as an investment manager before becoming an IFA, so has a deep understanding of, and strong contacts within, the asset management industry. He works closely with Wendy Cochran, a Wetherby based IFA who also has extensive investment industry experience. Because Matthew and Wendy are completely independent financial advisers they are not tied to any other financial company or network, so have a free hand to choose the best wealth managers in the UK for your circumstances. This includes firms in Edinburgh, London and elsewhere so we can always recommend a firm close to you. Our relationships with these companies mean that you get the best service at the lowest possible cost. We also acts as another pair of eyes, monitoring your holdings on your behalf, ensuring that the actions of the wealth manager are always in your best interests.

What is the process?

As part of a free initial review of your investment portfolio we will make recommendations as to whether your situation requires the services of an external wealth manager. There are many situations where it will not, and a simpler portfolio of investment funds will better suit your needs. However, where we feel that the complexity and tax liabillity of your existing portfolio calls for it we will select an wealth manager, negotiate fees on your behalf, and introduce you to them so that you can approve their selection. We will then monitor their performance on an ongoing basis, meeting with you both to discuss performance and strategy on a regular basis.

What do existing customers say?

“My investment portfolio was not performing as I wanted it to, seemed too risky, and the management fees were far too high. Matthew produced a straightforward plan to resolve the situation. Now I have an easy-to-understand portfolio, and my annual costs have fallen by thousands of pounds.” Andrew Garrison

For more customer feedback please see our testimonials page.

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