Wealth management services

We are currently only taking on investment or wealth management clients with more than £200,000 to invest. We apologise for not being able to assist with smaller sums than this.

How can Harris Independent Financial Advice help?

Based in Boston Spa, we offer advice on wealth management to clients across the UK.

As with all our pension and investment clients, we will design a portfolio of investment funds to match your appetite for investment risk, and personal circumstances. We will take all your assets into account, and consider issues such as:

  • Your total portfolio risk, and the maximum potential loss you could suffer in a stockmarket crash
  • How to reduce the charges you are paying
  • How to manage your liability to capital gains tax and income tax
  • Which providers would offer the best platforms to manage your money on (we never touch your money ourselves).
  • How to minimise your potential inheritance tax liability
  • The most tax efficient way to make any gifts you wish to make
  • How to reduce or eliminate pension Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance charges

Why choose Harris Independent Financial Advice?

Matthew Harris accumulated more than nineteen years' experience as an investment manager before becoming an IFA, so has a deep understanding of, and strong contacts within, the asset management industry. Because Harris IFA is an independent financial adviser we are not tied to any other financial company or network, so have a free hand to choose the best pension and investment companies in the UK to invest your money with. Our relationships with these companies mean that you get the best service at the lowest possible cost, often much lower than can be achieved directly.

What is the process?

As part of a free initial review of your wealth management needs we will make recommendations as to what should be done with your investments and other assets. You will then be able to consider these recommendations with no obligation to proceed.

What do existing customers say?

“My investment portfolio was not performing as I wanted it to, seemed too risky, and the management fees were far too high. Matthew produced a straightforward wealth management plan to resolve the situation. Now I have an easy-to-understand portfolio, and my annual costs have fallen by thousands of pounds.” Andrew Garrison

For more customer feedback please see our testimonials page.

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